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Mistletoe Madness
by Kelleia Ashley

Release Date: 12/20/13
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Breathless Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-77101-215-7 3.99
Author Page: Kelleia Ashley
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Christmas is hard for Izzy to face, but when her grandmother gives her magical mistletoe she may find a new love for the season.

Who would have thought a bunch of English holly could change Isabella Cortez's life forever? Izzy doesn't know what to think when her grams gives her the holly and insists she hang it in her apartment. Grams has always been the superstitious gypsy of the family. When she foretells that the mistletoe will make the man of her dreams profess his love for her, Izzy's more than a little worried, especially when the man she's been seeing calls to ask her to dinner. Can she accept love from the man who might ask for her hand when another has always secretly held her heart?

Dane Johnson is an ex-SEAL who bought a personal gym in a small town. He was looking for the promise of a peaceful life, but what he got was a drenched woman trying to fix a flat tire in the middle of a rainstorm. They quickly became friends and he had to hide his true feelings for her beneath a layer of meaningless dates that didn't go anywhere. This Christmas feels different, though. Izzy has finally dumped the stuffed shirt she's been seeing and made a real effort to celebrate the holiday season. Now, all he needs is a small miracle to get her to open her heart and mind to the love he's been carrying for her all this time.

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