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The Hunger
by Ciana Stone

Release Date: 06/30/09
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance
Pages: 330
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E-Book ASIN: B002EZZ72U 3.00
Author Page: Ciana Stone
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A desperate attempt to save a dying child leads two women to the brink of madness. When traditional medicine fails, they turn to the power of the Vodoun. But the price to be paid is high, much higher than they could ever have imagined.

Love overrides judgment and the women fall victim to the power that breeches the gate between worlds. From a realm beyond earthy reality a power emerges - a power that brings death as well as life.

Twenty-five years later, Randall Austin desperate to escape the unhappy memories of a tragic childhood and a failed relationship. She leaves New York behind to make a new life for herself in the island community of Key Biscayne, off the southern coast of Florida, just miles from the metropolitan city of Miami.

What Randall does not realize is that she cannot escape the cause of all the tragedy that has befallen the Austin family. The cause has always lain close to her. And so she carries with her an ancient evil that threatens anyone who comes into contact with her.

Mysterious and inhuman murders begin to plague the citizens of Miami. The killer leaves behind bloody carnage but no clues. Seven-year veteran and forensic pathologist Michael Santera is assigned to the investigation. He is partnered with Lucius May, a giant of a man, street-wise and hardened by years of seeing first-hand what the streets have to offer.

Their investigation turns up only two clues; the fantastic tale of a five-year-old boy and Michael’s vague memory of a dream long-forgotten. Desperately they try to solve the mystery. Who is this killer and where will he strike next? Little do they know that Randall Austin holds the key to the puzzle. She is the one person who can lead them to the killer, the one person neither of them expected to find.

Passions explode against a backdrop of terror and inexplicable deaths as the trio race to stop the assassin. Their efforts take them from the crowded streets of Miami to the mountains of war-torn Haiti. The search leads them to something that no one can believe to be true; to something they may well lose more than their lives to.

They are confronted with a five-thousand-year-old mystery. A force has been released on the world. They are brought face to face with an entity who has a Hunger that is evil and eternal.
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