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Club Libertine 10 - Design for Dominance
by Diane Leyne

Release Date: 07/21/14
Genre: Menage
Pages: 120
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 4.99
Author Page: Diane Leyne
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Left alone with a green Dom by her training partner Alexi Andreivich, sub Evangeline “Eve” Brookdale is rescued from the overly enthusiastic beginner by Alexi’s older brother Maks.  Maks is visiting the club to present his firm’s design ideas for a brand new Club Libertine.

Brought to the presentation while she recovers from the bad scene, she speaks her mind about the new building design in front of the owner of Club Libertine.  Her honesty and insight results in a new job working for Maks and Alexi.  Their relationship grows quickly as they all experiment with their first ménage relationship.

Maks has spent a lifetime looking after his younger brother and would make any sacrifice for him.  Can a jealous co-worker, who would like Maks for her own, convince him to walk away from the woman he loves by convincing him this is what his brother needs?

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