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Destined Mates 2: Delilah Restrained
by Ashlynn Monroe

Release Date: 04/24/15
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 33
Publisher: Changeling Press
Format ISBN Price
PDF 07350-02370 3.49
Author Page: Ashlynn Monroe
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Delilah and Mick discover they’ve been transported to their rescuers’ home world, where almost all children are born male, and women are becoming a rare commodity.

Delilah finds she craves Mick’s touch more than ever, but Jon, the wolf shifter who found them on Earth, also holds a growing fascination for her. Her transformation to wolf form is nearly complete, but Jon warns them her survival will require the love of two men to save her.

In this world where they are the aliens, are two mates really better than one?

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