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Claimed (Box Set)
by Ashlynn Monroe

Release Date: 04/30/15
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 114
Publisher: Changeling Press
Format ISBN Price
PDF 07362-02374 5.49
Author Page: Ashlynn Monroe
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When Lexa Mercer took a trip away from her home world of Terra, she didn't plan to be anything but good. Framed for a crime she'd never even contemplated, she's doing thirty days or death on the Intergalactic Broadcasting Channel's hit reality show Nariasma. She owes her life to one of the show's hottest contestants -- and a ghost of a man no one is supposed to know exists.

Roan of the Northlands is a man made famous by enduring his sentence on the space station Nariasma. Lexa has seen the rugged hunk on television, but she never imagined he'd be rescuing her from hunters who've paid to kill criminals.

Roan has more to lose than his future. He's made the mistake of falling in love with Lexa, and that makes him the one thing he's never been on Nariasma -- vulnerable. Roan and Jenner will give all they've got to protect Lexa. Jenner's convinced she's the only one who can save them. But does she have the strength to change their reality?

Publisher's Note: Claimed was originally released as a two book set, Claimed (Part One)and Claimed (Part Two).

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