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Blackwater Falls: Dark of the Moon
by Shannon West

Release Date: 10/05/13
Genre: GLBT Paranormal
Pages: 139
Publisher: Painted Hearts Publishing
Format ISBN Price
EPUB 139781940756004 4.99
Author Page: Shannon West
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Census taker Jace Miller is sent to the remote town of Blackwater Falls to complete forms not returned by the local inhabitants. From the moment he sets foot in the small community, he realizes that something isn’t right, from the hostile reception he receives to the strange uneasiness of the residents. Sheriff, Hawke Sutherland has told him in no uncertain terms to get out of town by nightfall and to come back at a more “convenient” time. Angrily, he complies, but on the way down the mountain, his old truck quits running. Walking back up the dark mountain road for help, he hears strange sounds in the woods around him. When he’s viciously attacked by a huge mountain lion, he thinks he’s facing certain death, but awakes the next morning to find that handsome sheriff Hawke has rescued him. The attraction grows between them over the next few days, but Hawke makes one excuse after another not to let Jace leave. When Jace runs, the sheriff has him picked up and hauled back up the mountain. Why? Has Jace seen too much, and just what is going on in Blackwater Falls?

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