Manic Readers
by Jianne Carlo

Release Date: 12/03/15
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 264
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9781629169002 3.99
Author Page: Jianne Carlo
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Terrence O’Connor knew all his flaws only too intimately, knew no woman could ever accept the sins of his past, knew he’d die alone. Su-Lin Taylor barges into his world and none of that matters anymore. 

When Su-Lin’s mother dies, she discovers she has an uncle and aunt, a rich Hong Kong couple who whisk her away to Europe on a fairytale graduation trip. They promise to establish a trust fund for her, which means she’ll never have to worry about money again. Their first stop is France at an exclusive boutique hotel fronting the Mediterranean.

A silly mistake pits a naked Terry with a nude Su-Lin in the men’s steam room. Totally smitten, Terry manipulates Su-Lin’s uncle into a three-week cruise aboard his luxury yacht, the Glory. 

Or so Terry thinks… 

Adjoining cabins with a connecting door results in explosive sex. Su-Lin and Terry can’t keep their hands off each other, which so upsets her uncle he collapses with chest pains. A guilty Su-Lin insists on secrecy. 

Mere days later, Terry finds Su-Lin unconscious. Hospital tests point to attempted murder. 

Who’s trying to kill Su-Lin and why? 

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