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Omega Wolves 2: Safe and Sound
by Willa Okati

Release Date: 01/29/16
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 62
Publisher: Changeling Press
Format ISBN Price
PDF 07524-02458 4.49
Author Page: Willa Okati
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Ivoire, the packmaster’s Omega cousin, has gone and gotten himself in a family way. Abandoned and alone, he and the pup he carries are in need of sanctuary.

There’s not much packmaster Lewis can do about Ivoire’s situation beside busting heads and making the bastard responsible pay. And -- while he’s away -- making sure the young Omega finds himself safe in the hands of Zachariah, a widowed Alpha who’s turned his back on the rest of the world.

Zachariah is everything Ivoire needs, and Ivoire is nothing Zachariah thought he’d ever want again, but nothing good was ever gained from playing by the rules.

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