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Fate's Arrow (Soulmates Book 2)
by Devi Ansevi

Release Date: 12/23/15
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 326
Publisher: Self Published
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 2.99
Author Page: Devi Ansevi
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Jenna Caylon is tired of her infuriating boss calling her a homewrecker and a heartless hussy. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Her New Year’s Resolution: Force Archer to acknowledge the truth about her. An apology would be nice.

She can’t deny the zing of attraction, but it would never work. Word around the office has it Archer is a forever kind of guy, while Jenna is bone-deep committed to staying uncommitted.

But when Jenna confronts Archer, sparks will fly, buttons will pop, and Archer’s favorite office chair will never be the same.

It seems Fate has a plan for them.
Warning: How to describe the relationship between Jenna and Archer? Dark. Passionate. Raunchy. No-holds-barred. Shockingly romantic. Keep a fan handy – for yourself and your e-reader. When these two give in to passion, nothing is forbidden. You’ve been warned.

Rated “Oh my goodness” for explicit language and erotica. For mature readers, 18 and older. Please use the "Look Inside" feature to see more about the reasons for its adult rating.

Note: Although this is the second book in a series, it can be read as a standalone novel. "Their Wish List" is the first book, and is available on Amazon.

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