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Rignt One 4 Diesel by Talon P.S.
by Talon ps

Release Date: 01/29/16
Pages: 588
Format ISBN Price
Print 978-0692399897 24.97
EPUB 9781311215949 7.99
Kindle B017EJ7MKK 7.99
Author Page: Talon ps
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The Dominion of Brothers Series by Talon P.S.


Diesel Gentry knows exactly want he wants. Like his brother, he wants a Unicorn, a life slave to surrender her every desire and need to him— who is, in essence and body, the very same woman his brother, Trenton Leos, already possesses. He also wants Paris Dalqeaute. 
He had that powerhouse body in his domineering grip once before, but Diesel purposely let the fallen angel slip through his fingers. Being a Master of Doms within the BDSM lifestyle, Diesel knew he had to set Paris free— thinking and hoping Paris would eventually come back to him, submit to Diesel willingly, and not just because Paris’ job description required him to. After all, Paris had been hired as the director for the fetish and BDSM events down at the island resort Diesel and his brothers owned. Except Paris never did return; while he proved his value to his title, he has also been using his work to hide from Diesel. 
It’s been a year now and Diesel’s bed and life have remained empty ever since. It’s time the running stopped. 
Finding Paris wasn’t going to be the hard part— breaking down his walls to trust the two of them to commit to a life together was going to be the real challenge.  
But even if Diesel succeeds, there is a problem with their future— what’s to come threatens the lives of everyone Diesel loves— and he doesn’t even know it yet. 
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ 
MM / some MMfM, MMMM, & Mf / Erotic Romance / Drama / Action / BDSM – D/s / Explicit Hot Language



~Chronological Order of titles available now~

Book 1: Becoming His Slave

Book 1.5: Domming the Heiress

Book 2: A Place for Cliff

Book 3: Rough Attraction

Book 4: Taking Over Trofim

Book 5: Right One 4 Diesel

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