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by Angelina J. Windsor

Release Date: 04/15/16
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 73
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9781419994401 4.99
Author Page: Angelina J. Windsor
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The second novel in the Windswept Women series.

Features characters introduced in Seventh Son.

Condemned to die as a witch. Ayleth is saved from the flames with scant seconds to spare. A seer and initiate of the Temple of the Goddess, she’s extremely thankful and quick to embrace the lust she feels rightly due her savior, the tall, broad-shouldered Alexander of Leagues. But no more can come of it: the hellfire that threatened Ayleth’s life ended her younger sister’s and Ayleth is hell-bent on revenge against the corrupt village leaders.

Alexander, Commander of the Guards at Dragonstone Castle, is charged with the safety of his liege and his men. A vitally important task, seeing as they’re werewolves. Turning Ayleth into one of their twice-born kind would keep her safe, but would change her nature. Faced with Ayleth’s unswerving dedication to her cause and a new threat to the clan from above Hadrian’s Wall, the Dywalkers, Alexander finds his loyalties fatally divided.

An adult fantasy romance from Ellora’s Cave

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