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Sealed With Acceptance
by Caitlin Ricci

Release Date: 10/07/16
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-4874-0898-5 4.99
Author Page: Caitlin Ricci
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Jacob and Adrian fell in love in high school. They are mates and always have been, but then Adrian cheated. It was one night of stupidity, and it ruined their relationship forever.

Or so they both thought. 

Now, three years later, they’re thrown back together when Adrian’s parents want Jacob to mate with Charlie. Adrian isn’t thrilled with the idea of Jacob being with his little brother, but there’s nothing he can do about it either. 

If Adrian wants him back, he’ll have to prove to Jacob that he’s never going to hurt him again. But it might already be too late for them.

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