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Mama's Tales
by Brenna Lyons

Release Date: 01/25/17
Genre: Erotic Fantasy
Pages: 99
Publisher: Fireborn Publishing
Format ISBN Price
EPUB 978-1-946004-54-3 0.99
HTML 978-1-946004-54-3 0.99
Kindle 978-1-946004-54-3 0.99
PDF 978-1-946004-54-3 0.99
Author Page: Brenna Lyons
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Three of Mother Goose's are best brought to life, each with a sensual twist. Have you ever felt you were only seeing half the story? Why did the three bears never see Goldilocks again? How bad was the Little Girl with The Curl in the Middle of her Forehead? What happened to Georgie Porgy? Find out in this delighfully sexy mini-anthology of stories you won't hear in school.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title.

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