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The Hypnotist
by M. J. Rose

Release Date: 05/01/10
Genre: Thriller
Pages: 416
Publisher: Harlequin Mira
Format ISBN Price
Print 24.95
Author Page: M. J. Rose
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Rose's celebrated Reincarnationist series inspires new Fox television series "Past Life" which premieres on Fox, Feb. 9th!

In Vienna a clandestine robbery inside a locked library leads to a brutal murder. A 1,500-year-old sculpture holds the Metropolitan Museum of Art hostage. A young woman’s fatal accident gives two lovers a chance to meet again, against all odds. A centuries-old massacre in Persia has modern-day repercussions in Iran. In New York City a Matisse masterpiece surfaces after twenty years, mutilated and vandalized. A modern-day reincarnationist is hell-bent on finding tools to aid in past life regressions no matter what the cost—in dollars or lives. Everything rests on the shoulders of Lucian Glass, special agent with the FBI’s Art Crime Team, who himself is suffering from the aftermath of a brutal attack, impossible nightmares and his own crisis of faith. 

If reincarnation is real, how can he live with who he was in his past life? If it’s not, then how can he live with who he has become in the present?

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