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New Taboo Smut
by Lexi Wood

Release Date: 04/18/17
Genre: Erotica
Pages: 264
Format ISBN Price
Kindle B071CVP5MY 5.99
Print 9781545450123 12.99
Author Page: Lexi Wood
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100% Brand New Taboo Smut!

Think you’ve read these stories before?  Think again!  Unless you live inside the magnificently dirty mind of expert smut-writer Lexi Wood, every story in this collection will be new to you.  Each taboo tale between Lexi’s filthy covers was written specifically for inclusion in this fine book.

New means NEW.

Taboo means NAUGHTY.

These girls shouldn’t be interested in forbidden men, but do older guys ever know how to make them squirm!  And the men?  They know they shouldn’t set their sights on sweet young things, but how can they resist?  If they let down their guards just this once, can anyone really blame them?

Float your boat today with New Taboo Smut. Tell the girls Lexi sent you…

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