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Too Taboo! Erotica Superbundle
by Lexi Wood

Release Date: 03/16/15
Genre: Erotica
Format ISBN Price
Kindle B00UW6QJ3O 5.99
Author Page: Lexi Wood
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3 Box Sets + 3 Bonus Rounds = 15 Smutty Stories in All!

Fifteen stories of forbidden lust too taboo to describe in detail!

The Too Taboo! Erotica Superbundle includes Don’t Even Think About It (It’s Too Taboo), all three Taboo Larry novelettes, the Weird and Wild Taboo Smut box set, and three extra bonus stories!

Don’t Even Think About It is a triptych of taboo tales by saucy storyteller Lexi Wood. Three titles so salacious they might just melt your screen. Look inside if you love forbidden fiction.

In the Taboo Larry novelettes, there are a million reasons Theresa should keep her paws off the guy. She’s been playing nanny to Larry’s boys since their mother ran off, but their relationship is SO wrong!

Want it weird? Want it wild?  Lexi’s got you covered with Weird and Wild Taboo Smut! If you like your erotica tame and safe, keep walking—this is not the box set for you.  If you prefer your smut a little odd, a little off, a little quirky and strange, keep reading!

Lexi Wood brings you three fantastic box sets plus three shamefully sexy bonus stories in the Too Taboo! Erotica Superbundle. Over 75,000 of the dirtiest, naughtiest, most forbidden taboo words you’ll read this year!

Who would? Lexi Wood!


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