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Cyber Sprite
by J. S. Frankel

Release Date: 05/17/19
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-4874-2303-2 4.99
Author Page: J. S. Frankel
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Jake Cullen, a disabled teen novelist, is contacted from the great cyber beyond by a person who calls herself Miranda.

It turns out that Miranda isn’t a hacker, but an AI program, a free-roaming, independent program that can go anywhere and do anything it likes within the confines of cyberspace. Jake finds her creator, Doctor Helena Schreiber, and receives the greatest gift—a way to link up to her creation, Miranda.

Jake enters the internet and finds a cyber world that’s much like our own, but more so. He and Miranda go exploring together, and also find out they’re more into each other than they thought possible. 

While all is fun and games at first, trouble looms in the form of Marvin Throckmorton, Schreiber’s former employer. He’s aware that Doctor Schreiber has created a sentient program, and he wants it. 

To that end, he sends his enforcers to coerce the information out of Jake, and they attack him and threaten his life and the life of his mother.

What he does not know is Doctor Schreiber’s ultimate goal—to make her creation more human. Jake also has a goal—to survive. With Miranda’s help, he finds a way to fight back and discovers just where he truly belongs.

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