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Between Death and Destiny
by W. L. Brooks

Release Date: 12/09/16
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 380
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-5092-2211-7 5.99
Print 978-1509210770 17.99
Author Page: W. L. Brooks
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After a near fatal accident, Reegan McGrath is warned never to come back to Willows Bluff. For years she stayed away despite the haunting nightmares. Now, with her grandmother dying, Reegan returns to find an evolving second sight, a man she is fated to fall in love with, and an overwhelming reaction to an old foe.

Well aware that the people in Willows Bluff still believe she murdered her father, Bernadette Howard is reluctant to open up to anyone, least of all Reegan McGrath. But fate has other ideas when the two women uncover their connection to a decades-old curse.

To unravel the mystery that's destined to destroy them, Reegan and Bernie need to put aside their mutual distrust. They must "see what was unseen, learn what was unknown, right what was wronged, or suffer the same."

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