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Deeper Than The Ocean
by Dee Carney

Release Date: 03/24/10
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-59578-687-6 4.50
Author Page: Dee Carney
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The life of a merman should be relatively simple, but not for Danyl. His mother’s been murdered, his father’s responsible and now he’s out for blood. Thank the gods, the key to doing so rests in the hands of a beautiful human who is his pleasure to pursue.

Di has hit pay dirt. Years of solo dives on a barely functioning boat has yielded an ancient coin certain to secure her financial future. A chance rescue by a merman knocks her plans awry. Falling for him certainly was never a part of those plans.

Now, the two must depend on each other--extending a little bit of faith, and a whole lot of trust--in a quest for vengeance and their ultimate survival.
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