Manic Readers
by Various Various
Release Date: 04/26/10
Genre: GLBT
Pages: 316
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
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Author Page: Various Various

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Gambling Men by Amy Lane

Quent is sure his admiration for his business partner Jace is only respect for Jace’s talent—until one night after hours when Jace gets shockingly close. These two tough-minded business men are used to playing their cards close to the vest. Will they be able to take a gamble on love?

Bad News Brett by Sean Kennedy

Although opposites attract, it’s always good to take an interest in your other half’s passions. That’s why Brett finds himself in a batting cage when his only knowledge of baseball comes from Peanuts cartoons and a late-night rerun of The Bad News Bears. Luckily his partner Tex believes in a hands-on approach to working on Bret’s stance….

Choices and Changes by S. Blaise

Self-conscious about his weight, Brendan meets Seb, a moody loner, at the only empty table in the school cafeteria. The two outcasts become unlikely friends, until the day over summer vacation when Seb kisses Brendan—and then doesn’t return to school that fall. Over a decade later, the two meet again at a party and discover that despite appearances, some things haven’t changed since high school.

Equinox by M. Jules Aedin and Anna J. Linden

Since his parents kicked him out of the house when he told them he’s gay, Matthew has been making it just fine—and then the college dorms close for spring break. He’s got nowhere to go until his best friend Samantha invites him to come home with her... and Matthew isn’t prepared for his attraction to her drop-dead gorgeous, out-and-proud older brother Aaron. Now Matthew and Aaron only have one week to figure out how to balance their spring fling with the relationship they both want.

We Are Stardust by M. Jules Aedin

Robin Danvers has been the perfect son and the model student and has never even tried to make it to second base with his girlfriend. But 1969 is a year for non-conformity, and when Robin’s parents forbid him to attend a hippie music festival in Woodstock, New York, he decides to hitchhike his way there. Picked up by a van full of free spirits, Robin meets Cat Ellis, who sets out to show Robin how it feels to be free.

Spontaneous by Chrissy Munder

Calling him boring and unpredictable, Michael’s ex-boyfriend leaves him with their vacation plans in shambles. Rather than sitting around moping, Michael decides to prove that he can do spontaneous as well as the next guy. Unfortunately, Michael’s spur-of-the-moment trip is going disastrously wrong—until he spies a hot construction worker from the bed and breakfast’s window. Suddenly, being spontaneous is easy when Eben provides the right incentive.

The Meaning of Significant Digits by Ashlyn Kane

Man-eater Alex Herrera and shy Dev Patel have been best friends since high school, so when Alex overhears a phone conversation that leads him to believe Dev is in love with straight, soon-to-be-married Elijah, he formulates an intensive twelve-step program to help Dev get over his hopeless attraction. But after only a few days, Alex realizes he’s a little too emotionally invested in the success of his plan. With Elijah’s wedding only a week away, can Alex convince Dev that what he’s looking for has been right in front of him all along?

Mending the Break by Jaymz Connelly

Two years is too long apart to mend a broken relationship—or is it? Quin is about to find out when he comes face-to-face with his former lover, Jai, for the first time since they split up. Quin has a badly broken leg, and when the masseuse assigned to his therapy goes home sick, Jai steps in to take her place. Can Quin overcome his fear of revealing just how much he needs Jai? Is Jai willing to take the chance that Quin won’t break his heart again? It will take concessions on both sides if they really want to mend the break.

Road to Nowhere by Catt Ford

Big-city photographer Jim Folkner is going to publish a book of the most beautiful photos ever… until his car breaks down in a nowhere town in Wyoming. Meeting Barry Lancaster—a man he’d never given the time of day in college—and his uncles, Myrom and Dowling, teach Jim to look beyond the obvious and see that every road leads somewhere, as long as you like where it’s going.

Snowman by Isabelle Rowan

Everyone finds a way to run away: some do it in seclusion, others in the arms of lovers. Caleb lives a quiet life in the Australian high country with only his dog and horses for company until an unexpected snowstorm strands a lost tourist at his cabin. Paul’s vacation plans called for drinking, fucking, and actively avoiding all outdoor recreation, not solitary confinement with a reclusive mountain man. But the storm will force both to reassess their lives—if only until the roads are clear.

In His Eyes by Bethany Brown

Ryan Matthews’s ten-year-old son wants a trail ride for his birthday, so Ryan decides he’d better take some lessons. He’s instantly attracted to his instructor, Max Kincaid, but can’t believe the younger man would return the attraction. Max has had bad experiences with older men, but Ryan is making him rethink his caution. Being caught together in a sudden summer thunderstorm will give both men a chance to see themselves through each others’ eyes.

Weak in the Knees by G.S. Wiley

Baker Spencer Howard and caterer Ray Bianchi are the best of friends, and although Spencer thinks Ray is gorgeous, he also knows he has no chance with him. Ray is as straight as they come—or at least Spencer thinks so until the day Ray kisses him. But love is harder to hold together than a crumbling birthday cake, and Spencer’s not sure they can even salvage their friendship.

The Shirt by Amy Lane

Polar opposites Scotty and Ryan’s love-at-first-sight romance should never have worked—but it has. Now the two lovers are welcoming Ryan’s parents into town to meet the love of their son’s life… until Ryan encounters technical difficulties with the world’s most common object. Can Scotty and Ryan’s relationship survive the tangle caused by one woven, oxford blue, button-down shirt?

The Neighbors by Janey Chapel

When a gay couple moves into the neighborhood, a bird’s-eye view of their house and yard leads a woman to get to know her new neighbors in completely unexpected ways… and helps her learn a few things about herself at the same time.
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