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Never Too Old For The Game Of Love
by Fiona E McGier

Release Date: 04/01/09
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 284
Publisher: Wings ePress
Format ISBN Price
EPUB ISBN 978-1-59705-407-2 7.50
Print ISBN 978-1-59705-641-0 11.95
Author Page: Fiona E McGier
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Almost 40, Tegan is a divorced mother of 2, convinced that she has no time for romance. Alexander is 42, divorced, and enjoys playing the field. When he needs someone to run a party for a business prospect, he hires her to do it.  Things are going along well until right before the party when he informs her that she needs to supply a stripper for the party.  Her partner Patti does the cooking, but they don't have any idea how to find a stripper, nor can they afford to hire one, after Tegan finds out what they charge.  Patti convinces her over a bottle of wine, to do the dancing herself.  She practices her routine, and it goes well at the party, except for one small detail.  The dancing not only gets Tegan excited, the man who hired her to do it, is equally aroused.  But Tegan doesn't want her children to be hurt by another man becoming part of their life then leaving.  Now what?
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