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 A dreamer. That’s how I would describe myself. Come to think of it, that’s how most people would describe me. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with paranormal romances. Anything is possible in a paranormal.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia with the man of my dreams. We met in Korea while serving in the armed forces together and after a two month courtship, got married. Our relationship made me a believer in whirlwind romances. We’ve been together 23 years. Two of our three children are grown and starting families of their own. My youngest, an 18 year old son, doesn’t need mom around as much as he used to, so that beautiful man of mine suggested I use my free time to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. Gotta love a supportive spouse. So I have two lives. By day, I’m a dermatology nurse. But after five o’clock, watch out, world! I’m going to unleash characters that are out to thrill.

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Life After
  Somiar Ayers always thought it was really cool that she could control her dreams. In one night, her world is shattered when she finds out not only is she adopted, but she comes from a race of female assassins called Dreamers. While in ...
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