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Revisit the dangerous drug-smuggling world from Caribbean Heat. Blake Sierzan knows better than getting involved with an informant but Crystal’s tempting curves are just too much to resist. The feisty woman from the streets turns out to be a...
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High on You
Second in the Wild Alaska series Kate Baker came to Alaska on the arm of the man she thought she would marry, only to be abandoned in the little town of Ketchikan—a ruined woman and afraid to face her family. She knows she should try to find...
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Bold Lust
When Sierra Graves takes a waitressing job on the SSSapphire, she doesn’t know she’s going to be working on the “lust boat”. Being required to wear a bikini for the job is bad enough, but the sex parties that take place on ...
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Caribbean Heat
A plane crash leaves pilot Paige Williams stranded on an island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle with sexy twin brothers Dalton and Cooper Thompson. She tries to resist the advances of both, knowing it would only be a fling, but as time passe...
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Bermuda Triangle

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Double Dare
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When Colin Fredrickson runs into the girl he loved and lost ten years ago, he knows he has to have her back. She says she won’t have sex until after marriage. So Colin does the only thing that will get Liberty in his bed and back in his life...
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Going All In

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