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Stephen was born to expatriate parents in Calcutta India. From the age of eight he was educated in English private schools. He attended St. Andrews Preparatory school in Pangbourne Berkshire and Shrewsbury School in Shrewsbury Shropshire.

Pursuing a career in hospitality, Stephen graduated cum laude from the prestigious Lausanne Hotel School, Switzerland. He has worked in and managed hotels in England, Israel, South Africa, Canada and most recently in Cyprus. In 1975, while working at the Ramada Tel Aviv he met his wife Mali. They were married a year later in South Africa.

Stephen returned to Israel from Canada in 1984 to take up the position of Executive Assistant Manager at the opening of the famous King Solomon’s Palace Hotel in the Red Sea Resort town of Eilat. The family lived there for the following eight years.

The idea to write a thriller on the Middle Eastern conflict between Israel and the Palestinians was born during the latter part of 1991 after experiencing Israel’s return of Taba to Egypt following International Arbitration. The following years living in Israel through the Palestinian Intifadas and the numerous suicide attacks have added to the extensive experience that Stephen was able to draw on. He also enjoyed being able to add anecdotes from his long and colorful international hotel career.

In his first book, he introduces the reader to Jordan Kline, the star of the series. Kline is an ex Mossad operative and now successful hotel manager.

Stephen began writing with Mali’s encouragement as a test to explore his own creativity and writing capabilities. Finally completed, Stephen requested that a few close friends read the draft manuscript. The amazing response has pushed Stephen to pursue publication of The Taba Convention, and to continue writing novels in the Jordan Kline series.

Serving as General Manager of the David's Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem Stephen hosted many foreign Presidents, dignitaries and their delegations. These included President Vladimir Putin of Russia, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, President Sakaashvili of Georgia, frequent visits by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, as well as Israeli Cabinet Ministers and Parliamentarians. His experience has afforded Stephen invaluable insight into security procedures among various government organizations.

Stephen and his family currently reside in Toronto, Canada. 

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A Note From stephen william ayers

Hi everyone, The Taba Convention is out and selling well on Amazon, Kindle, Sony, Nook and others.

In order to read about The Taba Convention and my other upcoming books, please do go to my website at: I invite you to explore the site. I have posted the synopsis of the books, the stories behind them and also excerpts from them. I also added some interesting pictures of places that figure in the books.

Please feel free to subscribe to my newsletter, visit my facebook page or follow on twitter. There is also my blog through which I update on news as I progress towards publishing day!

I have also recently started a new blog with lots of interesting stuff at: please explore my thoughts and follow me!

Thanks, and all the best, Stephen

Current Releases
The Jordan Kline Series. A deadly Nazi conspiracy, murder and suspense. The Righteous Within The Jordan Kline Series. Book 2.   In 1945, as the Third Reich collapses and Berlin burns, a group of dedicated Nazis meticulously pl...
Available Now!
The Righteous Within
Two deadly adversaries, one horrific conspiracy against peace. This is a story about a conspiracy to derail The Taba Convention, a peace signing ceremony to be held at the Taba Hilton complex in Egypt. Disillusioned with the continued kill...
Available Now!
The Taba Convention

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The Taba Convention. A Jordan Kline thriller. Book 1.

The Taba Convention. A Jordan Kline thriller. Book 1.
The Righteous Within. A Jordan Kline Thriller. Book 2. Fall 2011.

The Righteous Within. A Jordan Kline Thriller. Book 2. Fall 2011.
Zen, the best Boxer that ever lived

Zen, the best Boxer that ever lived
Stephen Ayers

Stephen Ayers

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