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"Wendal was captured by their innocence and charm and believed they were the future of mankind."

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A middle aged slacker at the turn of the century, and the children he has created and destroyed.
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Originally released in 1994 by Longstreet Press, "Wendal" is the story of a man who battles the darkness, and emerges in the light.  It's also about a cat.
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Wendal, His Cat, and the Progress of Man
Can a cockroach enter into Heaven? Will Saint Peter allow it? In the tradition of Psalms, Socrates, Solomon, and Seuss, "On how the Cockroach..." tackles the canons of our catechisms, the perceptions of our realities, the emblems around ...
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On how the Cockroach, after having died, and after a short conversation with Saint Peter, entered the Gates of Heaven

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