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Born in Brooklyn in 1950 to Sicilian immigrants, I've been writing since 1975. I had my first story published in 1988, and have had more than 50 others published since then in small press magazines and anthologies. I have three books in print: novels Close to the Edge & Adjustments, and story collection A Hitch in Twilight, 20 Tales of Warped Imagination. I promote and sell my books on the streets of Brooklyn. I'm a graduate of Lafayette High School and Western Michigan University (1971).

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Current Releases
20 tales of warped imagination, inspired by my love of The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock TV series.
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A Hitch in Twilight
The adjustments all people make in life set against a backdrop of high school football, strained race relations, seen through the eyes of its troubled antagonist, a young man trying to accept the good with which he has been blessed.
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Crime and Punishment with sexuality at its core. Set in an Italian-American community, 1978. Ever wonder what makes someone go off the deep end?
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Close to the Edge

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A Hitch in Twilight, 20 Tales of Warped Imagination:

Adjustments, a Novel:
Close to the Edge, a Novel:
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