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Yasmina is from a small town in the middle of...naw you know better. Yasmina is originally from Vancouver, WA and then by way of the Navy and college ended up in Grays Harbor County with her husband and her two kids and now the two black cats. Yes she has two of the furry beasts.
During the day she keeps the people happy or tries to anyway. At night she tries to keep her sanity by escaping aforementioned family to write down what the evil muses have shoved in her brain all day.

She waits for the graduation of her kids (one imminent and one not so imminent) so that the house will become quite.
She listens to an eclectic mix of music when she writes, anything from Shinedown to Nora Jones and a little of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour thrown in for the fun of it.

Her sarcastic sense of humor has and will continue to get her in trouble but hey who cares?
Yasmina has been writing between cries of MOM and YASMINA for ten years and plans to write for many more.
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Melissa Carter has been hiding her family from her friends. A family she never wants to be part of again.    Nickolas Todd is trying to find what is left of his family. His younger sister, Samantha. He wants' to get her out of a ...
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The Godfather's Niece

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A Swindler's Redemption
Xavier St. Cloud wants to hate the world, wants to be angry at it. He doesn’t want to be part of it anymore. He wants to go on and see the brother’s in arms that were killed before his eyes. Emiko Nara is so afraid of the world sh...
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Saver's Savior
Cassandra St. James has lost her true love, or so she thought. Cassandra's friends are trying to get the empath to learn to live again. James Austin never looked for love because he never thought he'd find it. James just wanted to find a b...
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Cassandra's Heart

A Peek Into the Life of yasmina kohl

the scariest site ever

the scariest site ever
the cat whisp.... never mind he was just a warm body not in motion

the cat whisp.... never mind he was just a warm body not in motion

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