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MR Plus Membership
The Manic Readers Plus membership is designed to give authors extra features to help promote themselves and their books. For only $2.99 per month authors receive:
  • Access to post news announcements directly to the Manic Readers website
  • Access to post contests on the Manic Readers contest page
  • Access to host live chats with readers from your Manic Readers Author Page
  • Unlimited access to track royalties on all of your books
  • Twitter integration - Author Page Updates, New Books, and Book Updates automatically post to your Twitter page
  • 15% discounts on other Manic Readers services
To view the services comparison chart or sign up for a Plus membership, click here.

* Plus member pricing will be reflected at checkout.

Manic Readers is proud to donate a portion of all sales to Feed My Starving Children.


Advertisement Price Duration
Static Cover
$15 / Premium
$10 / Standard
1 Month
Rotating Banner - Shown on home page $25 1 Month
Author Spotlight - Shown on the Readers page $40
1 Month
Publisher Spotlight - Shown on the Publisher page $60 1 Month
Poster Ad - Shown on all review pages (see sample on the review page) $60 1 Month

Bundles Includes You Pay You Save
Covers 2 monthly Premium Static Cover Ads
2 monthly Standard Static Cover Ads
$30 $20
Banners / Covers 2 monthly Premium Static Cover Ads
2 monthly Standard Static Cover Ads
1 monthly Rotating Banner Ad
$50 $25

Packages Includes You Pay You Save
6 Month Premium 6 monthly Premium Static Cover Ads
6 monthly Standard Static Cover Ads
1 monthly Rotating Banner Ad
$100 $95
1 Year Standard 1 Spotlight
2 monthly Rotating Banner Ads
12 monthly Premium Static Cover Ads
1 Interview
$175 $115
1 Year Premium 1 Poster Ad
1 Spotlight
3 monthly Rotating Banner Ads
12 monthly Premium Static Cover Ads
1 Interview
$275 $160

  • All payments will be invoiced through PayPal
  • 1 Month ads run for 30 days
  • All ads are subject to availability

Author Pages

Free Author Pages are designed for published authors who want to spread the word about themselves and their work.  When authors register with Manic Readers and select the complimentary Author Page, they can immediately begin adding books, blurbs, excerpts, bios, photos, book trailers, podcasts, favorite links, and more.  View all of the Author Pages here.

Benefits of Author Pages:

·         It’s FREE!

·         It’s an excellent way of attracting more readers

·         You can upload Free Reads to give readers a taste of your unique writing style

·         Your books will be included in our database allowing readers to search for them by genre, author, publisher, release date, etc.

·         It’s quick and easy to use so you can add new releases or change existing releases in a snap.

·         Publishers can quickly see your portfolio of accomplishments

·         Easy to remember link to your author page.  Example:


Publisher Pages

Free Publisher Pages are designed for any size publisher who wants to spread the word about themselves and their books.  Publishers can register with Manic Readers to begin adding their book information, company bio, submission guidelines, and links to their free publisher page. 

Information between Publisher Pages and Author Pages is shared, so books added by authors automatically show up on the publisher’s page.  View all of the Publisher Pages here.

Benefits of Publisher Pages:

·         It’s FREE!

·         It’s an excellent way of attracting more readers to your company

·         Your upcoming releases are conveniently displayed on our Books page so readers can quickly see your latest releases

·         Your books are included in our database allowing readers to search for them by genre, author, publisher, release date, etc.

·         You get exposure to all of the authors on Manic Readers and the information on your page will help them choose you for their submissions

·         You can upload Free Reads to give readers a taste of your publishing style

·         Manic Readers can import your book information to quickly add hundreds of books at once


Why Advertise with MR?

·         A limited number of ads per page ensures your ad receives maximum exposure. 

·         A two-level pricing structure ( Premium and Standard locations) allows you to decide where your money is best spent

·         Cover ads include a pop-up description up to 50 words

·         Authors and Publishers with free pages on the Manic Readers website can modify the ad information at any time. You can change your buy link, blurb, and any book information just by updating your free page.

·         Manic Readers serves the entire book industry giving authors exposure to readers and publishers, and publishers exposure to authors and readers

·         Professional appearance – Readers associate book quality with ad quality. Placing your ad on a professional looking website tells readers they're purchasing a high quality book



Static Cover Ads -  97x147

Static cover ads are displayed every time the page is viewed. For example, if you purchase a static cover ad for the Home Page, each time someone views the home page your ad will be displayed.


Rotating Banner Ads – 468x60

Rotating banner ads change each time the home page is viewed. Our rotating banners have only 3 ads per rotation.


Poster Ad – 200x770

This is a premium location and there’s only one spot like it on the entire site.  This large ad is displayed on our Reviews page which is the second most active page on our website.  This ad replaces 10 premium cover ad spots so you’ll get maximum exposure. 

Premium Locations – Premium locations include:

·         Home page

·         Books and Readers page


Premium advertisements will appear on one of these pages.


Standard Locations – Standard locations include:

·         Author page

·         Publisher page

·         About page


Standard advertisements will appear on one of these pages.

Hot Reads
LuAnn and the Latin Lover
LuAnn and the Latin Lover
Hebby Roman
LuAnn Sparks and Joaquin Sandoval were childhood friends; his parents were employed by LuAnn’s family. LuAnn, born to wealthy parents, marries well and leads a privileged lifestyle until she loses her husband and their money. Joaquin is a bad-b...
Available Now!
Beauty's Curse
Beauty's Curse
Traci E. Hall
Galiana is beauty personified, but she wants to be more than just a pretty face.  So when she accidently blinds the dangerous knight riding behind their manor, she's intrigued - he can't be swayed by her porcelain complexion. Des...
Available Now!
Dark Curse
Dark Curse
Christine Feehan
Lara Calladine is haunted by childhood memories of being held prisoner in an ice cave and kept sane by the whispered stories told to her by her imprisoned aunts. They instilled mage and Carpathian magic deep within her and then helped her escape. She...
Available Now!
Eden's Black Rose
Eden's Black Rose
Jaclyn T Kearney
Eden’s Black Rose, is a paranormal romance set in London, 1896. Dr. Serina Spencer is a young woman with hidden talents that she’d like kept that way, hidden. While walking home from the morgue, her place of employment, she inadvertently wishes for a...
Available Now!
Never Surrender
Never Surrender
Deanna Jewel
Is it possible for souls to travel through time and reunite more than one hundred years later? Does the soul continually search until somehow, it finds the one true soul mate even through time? Anything is possible when one believes in soul reinca...
Available Now!
Rick R. Reed
Christmas, 1983: A young man, Robert, tends to his soul mate, Keith, who is dying from AIDS. Robert tries valiantly to make this a special Christmas, but loses the fight late Christmas night. Christmas, 2007: Robert ventures out late Christmas ni...
Available Now!
Proof of Life
Proof of Life
Misty Evans
Blood ties run deepest-and deadliest. Super Agent Series, Book 3 No matter how many times he patches the holes in the wall, CIA Deputy Director Michael Stone can-t forget the night a terrorist took him hostage in his own home. Or the mistakes...
Available Now!
Sudden Devotion
Sudden Devotion
Nicole Morgan
Sara is inexperienced with men, but finds her untapped sexuality is bursting beneath the pressure of lustful desires. Mitch works with Sara and knows office romances can go horribly wrong, but that doesn’t stop him from going ahead with his ...
Available Now!
Tasting Candy: Vaughn Series, book 2
Tasting Candy: Vaughn Series, book 2
Anne Rainey
Night Owl Romance Reviewer Top Pick! Lust was the lure, Candy was the reward. Walking around with a raging hard-on isn’t Blade Vaughn’s idea of a good time. He’s hungry for sex and there’s only one woman on his men...
Available Now!
To Tempt the Wolf
To Tempt the Wolf
Terry Spear
Wildlife photographer, Tessa Anderson has to prove her brother is innocent of the murder charges against him. But when she discovers a half-dead, naked man on her beach who looks like a mythical Greek god, shes got a whole world of new troubles to de...
Available Now!

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