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Aidee Ladnier, an award-winning author of speculative fiction, began writing at twelve years old but took a hiatus to be a magician’s assistant, ride in hot air balloons, produce independent movies, collect interesting shoes, fold origami, send ping pong balls into space, and amass a secret file with the CIA. A lover of genre fiction, it has been a lifelong dream of Aidee's to write both romance and erotica with a little science fiction, fantasy, mystery, or the paranormal thrown in to add a zing.

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I love to write about characters that are a little bit quirky, a little off the beaten path. Sometimes the stories are funny, sometimes they're scary, and sometimes they're pure romance.

I hope you'll drop me a line sometime at


because quirky characters fall in love, too...
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Current Releases
For Ethan and Nico, a broken millefiori ornament is more than a few shards of glass−it’s a chance at finding love at Christmas. Ethan Carson wants to treat his mother to the perfect Christmas while she’s visiting over the holiday...
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A Hundred Promises of Love
Tom Davidson ran away from family obligations to be a Broadway star. If he could make it there, he could make it anywhere…but he didn’t. Trudging back home to Waycroft Falls, he finds his sister Annie and her hometown bookstore in danger...
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Wolf Around The Corner
Television horror host Lawrence Frightengale and his leading lady, the glamorous drag performer Myrna Boy, find themselves racing against the clock when the theft of a classic car bound for the Out & About parade threatens to be a showstopper for...
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Lawrence Frightengale Investigates
When the right space pilot walks into his bar, a desperate bartender uses all his wiles (and tentacles) to talk the man into business and his bed–but the spacer is still enslaved by his past and isn’t sure he can deal with a two-armed lov...
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The Klockwerk Kraken Collection: includes The Klockwerk Kraken, Spindrift Gifts, and a special Epilogue
How can something so cuddly and adorable be so destructive? The teddy bear robot decimating his lab is only the first disaster of the day for roboticist Forbes Pohle. If he can figure out how to end its rampage, he still has to interview applicants f...
Available Now!
The Applicant
College senior Cory Long tracked his missing sister to the magical Moonlight Market to bring her home. Instead, he found a disorienting world of performers and hawkers, bizarre sights and sounds, and one very familiar showman, Sanderson Beets. Like a...
Available Now!
The Moonlight Market
A young bodyguard finds her special abilities are no match for a flirtatious delegate willing to gamble everything on the galaxy trade talks. Assigned to guard a diplomat at the galaxy trade talks, Security Officer Anais wants to shine during her ...
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Elusive Radiance
When his memories begin endangering his happily-ever after on Celos, Jimenez is forced to choose between forgetting his lover Teo, or accepting the sometimes painful gifts of Spindrift.  Scars and a tattoo may be the only physical reminders f...
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Spindrift Gifts
When the supply shipments stop coming, Teo Houdin needs all his tentacles to keep his waystation bar open. Facing a riot by thirsty miners stranded in the backwater of the galaxy, Teo helps a greenie space pilot buy a ship in return for a regular hau...
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The Klockwerk Kraken
Ten years ago, roboticist Forbes Pohle received a visit from time-traveler Oliver Lennox. “Wait for me,” Oliver said. Now a decade has come and gone, and Oliver has returned. However, Forbes never dreamed Oliver would reappear as the poin...
Available Now!
The Break-in

A Peek Into the Life of Aidee Ladnier

My writing desk

My writing desk
One of my kitties by the fire

One of my kitties by the fire
Did I tell you I like to fold paper cranes?

Did I tell you I like to fold paper cranes?

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Blog: because quirky characters fall in love, too...


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