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Ava Greene grew up in Hollywood where she performed in numerous tv shows, commercials and variety acts before retiring to work behind the scenes. Pandora's Box is her first novel.

Pandora's Box: A Hollywood High Novella: Hollywood, 18 y.o. Melani Lamé, and him, Rocky Rhodes, f**k and party the night away in a Hollywood Hills house high above glittering Los Angeles. Armed with youth, beauty, and fame, they fight to the death armed with weapons of money, sex, and power. Winner takes all. 

Author Ava Greene's ten-part series, "The Hollywood-High-Novellas," taps the sweet spot where E.L. James' erotic novel "Fifty-Shades-of-Grey" meets "Gossip-Girls."
With the "Hollywood-High-Novellas," Ava Greene pulls back the curtains on the world of beautiful people blessed with youth and fame. But this being Hollywood, no one is who - or, what - they appear. Ava Greene's Pandora's Box is the first installment of the "Hollywood High Novellas," a series that dares you to take a walk on the wild side of a world where everything but hope has flown ...

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