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Cherie was born with a book in her little hands. She has lived everywehre from Washington State to Wisconsin and currently resides in Tennessee with her mother, husband, cats and the rest of her family.

Over the years Cherie has never been far from a book or two or five - she's a firm believer in multitasking. She was a stay-at-home mom, a dental assistant, a pharmacy clerk and seamstress. She also owned her own cake business and worked in the hotel industry.

Now she writes naughty romances -- and some not so naughty -- to complement the wild stories always playing in her imagination.

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Current Releases
It is His Most High Regent Montclair Twelvetoes’s time to retire, and he finally gets to do what he’s always wanted: see the stars. His people have long spoken of a rich, fascinating planet called Earth, so he hops an interstellar cruiser...
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Kiss Me, Baby

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Sugar and Spice

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Caveman Love
[Siren Allure: Erotic Pre-historic Romance, interracial, with M/M] Sin isn’t the bad boy his name implies, but when he is near sexy, young Em, he has a hard time controlling his body. She makes him feel very sinful. His problem with Em i...
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Sin (Caveman Love 3)
Clan rules make it clear that Cia and Let may not mate until Let is eighteen. The lovers are anxious to couple and spend any chance they get making love without penetration. If the elders find Cia has mated with Let before he is of age, she will not ...
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Lynne had to videotape the supernova hot sex the night she landed two men in her bed because she knew it would never happen again. Kurt is sweet and sexy. Troy is dominating and masterful. Both of her new lovers fulfill her better than her deepest fa...
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Lynne's Love Triangle
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Cynthia and Tony Crenshaw enjoy adding a little spice to their sex life. An empty Montana train sttion and a hot summer night hardly seem likely to feature in a sexual fantasy, but it does. After a visit with her elderly grandmother, Cynthia is ta...
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Angela has had a crush on cowboy Jessie Burke from the day she met him, but as his best friend's little sister, to him she's nothing but a tag along kid. Her wild fantasies about him are her naughty little secret--until the day the hunky cowboy...
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Cowboy's Don't Dance

A Peek Into the Life of Cherie Denis

An ode to my cake decorating days

An ode to my cake decorating days

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