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Harper Jewel lives in northeast New Jersey with her husband and college-age daughter. She has two cats, enjoys reading, and taking trips to Walt Disney World. With her outgoing personality and vivid imagination, she can create characters and plots that are believable as well as memorable.

Although she began writing male/female romance/erotica, she has finally found her niche in Gay Romance. She thoroughly enjoys her male characters as they speak to her quite loudly while proving love is love. She is proud to have the honor of being the first M/M author accepted at the now-closed Lush Publishing.

In addition to her writing, she’s also expanded her skills to include formatting for Smashwords Premium Catalog, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon, & Amazon/Createspace print.

In September 2015, she created Slippery Fingers Press & Publishing Services and plans to use the company name for self-publishing as well as her formatting jobs. 

To find out more about Harper Jewel, visit her website at

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Ripping Off the Mask
Playing Santa in the local department store should be an easy way to make a few extra bucks, shouldn’t it? That’s what Brock Daniels thought when he took the job at a local department store. Once he finds out a handsome ginger—his o...
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Santa's Naughty Elf
Nestled within plain sight of humanity, a race of bird-of-prey shifters dwell. Deeply rooted in their species’ heritage and rituals, Aviana Byrde comes of age, and a mate is selected in the way dictated by those very traditions. Outshining t...
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Virgin Prey
When the magical triad known as the Seekers returns, they must use their newfound abilities and find a way to “arrange” for Evangeline DeMarco and Slate Warton to meet. As the sparks fly between the new shifter couple, a past tragedy that...
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Burning Prey
Running from a dark past, Cassie St. Cloud vows to escape her worst nightmares. Remaining strong, the fiery redhead refuses to be a victim and, with help, manages to start over. Secrecy, the key to her survival, Cassie inadvertently finds herself squ...
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Trent & Trey
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It took a gorgeous blonde woman to make Tucker Rhodes realize that all work and no play isn’t a very healthy lifestyle. Too bad the whole mind-blowing encounter with the stranded biker was nothing more than a wet dream. Or was it? When Heath...
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His Dream Lover
When fifteen-year-old Devin Hughes created his phantom lover, he never imagined that Brice would materialize in the flesh ten years later.  Convinced that the mind-blowing encounters he had with his hunky specter were nothing more than fevere...
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Mirror of Obsession
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First Edition Published May, 22, 2015; 2nd Edition Published June 4, 2017 Hey! Name’s Adam Darling and hustling’s my game. When I was eighteen, my parents kicked me to the curb after catching me enjoying a good romp in the sack with my...
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Head Game
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