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I'm an American born Australian who spent a large portion of my adult life working in the IT industry. After giving up that career in 2006, I took up writing pretty much full time. My first novel, Starting Over, has now been published. I have completed three additional books; two of them (one fiction, one non-fiction travel literature) are being shopped around to publishers now and the third is in the edit phase.  I also have a drawer full of short stoires, one of which has been published and one has won a writing contest and will be published in a collection in early 2011.
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Though she doesn’t understand exactly why, Maria isn’t content with her lot. The prospect of exchanging dependence on her family for dependence on a husband doesn’t sit well with this young woman growing up in late 19th Century Germ...
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Starting Over

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My published short story, Suspicious Moves

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