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Dark. Devious. Sensual, sinister and startling. These are the words used to describe the wild worlds of Stella and Audra Price. New to the literary scene, these up and coming talented writers are the next phase in literary evolution.

Their stories are fresh, imaginative and break the boundaries and social moraes of the romance genre, while adding sizzle and new life into the urban fantasy realm. Writing in a number of other genres, they have proven that just because its dark and off the beaten path those who went before them have tramped, doesn't mean it has to be wrong.

First published in E book in April 2006 with PHAZE publishing for their short story Wishes, the sisters quickly found acclaim in the next few months with their were-snakes series and their enticing and alternate world Eververse. With over ten books and publications to their credit, a slew of interviews, awards and nominations, and a few print books on the horizon, the sisters are well on their way to being the next big thing.

Committed to their books and their world, they have joined forces with a few merchants to give readers and potential readers some fantastic extras to the books including candles, bath products, clothing and jewelry.

The next few years promise a cornucopia of titles and themes including their foray into the dark world of the Keepers of Twilight, their Fallen Angels series, and their American Satyr series.
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Current Releases
Duvall Inc. Series, Book Four   The holidays are a time for giving, so when Marsh decides to give Jane a real Christmas, complete with family and friends, he never expected everything to go haywire. Meeting his family is on...
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A Very Djinn Christmas
Duvall Inc Series, Book Two   Janey Duvall, newly bound consort to the Djinn Nicodemus Marsh, is having a few minor problems with the delivery of a contract, namely, the assassin is refusing to finish the job. There&rsqu...
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The Things a Djinn Can Do
As a Djinn, the most powerful race of genies, Nicodemus Marsh is sent in to deal with a fiery Janey Duvall after she refuses to help the exiled demon prince get rid of the problems in a business endeavor in the east. Oozing with sex appeal, Nicode...
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The Assassin, the Djinn and the Hundred Year Wish
Book two in the American Satyrs Series A surrender to the unknown has never been sexier. Olanis, the summer holiday is upon the Satyr clans once more and it is the time for Harlequin, prince of the Rummer clan, to claim his first and on...
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To Collar and Keep
Dalton Royce is one of the last royal fey left on earth, and leads a very solitary existence just outside London, where he grows and breeds some very rare and very exotic plants and flowers. When he sees Spiria at a plant show in London, and hears he...
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Rapsamon, the time of celestial awakening and rebirth is nearing. So is the rebirth of an elder chaos god. Sometimes the balance needs to be enforced, and sometimes, the Fates choose the whole of existence as the playing field for a war where the par...
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A Bitter Kiss of Chaos
Meanwhile, back in the Afterverse ... As the first General of the Conglacio and Head of the second house, Oscar pretty much keeps a low profile. He rules his family quietly and he watches the bastard prince, Gabe, for signs of him throwing Casha&r...
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Running from a disappointing situation in the states, Thisbe Winters, recent concubine of the king of the ice demons,  is a woman learning what its like to be young and single again. She’s determined to enjoy her new status and start the c...
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London for the Holidays
13 years is a long time apart… and enough time to make things right… and when Fire and Ice Collide… The Exiled prince and rightful heir of the Conglacio Throne, Cassiel, Casha or Cash to his friends and family, has dealt with...
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Frost and Flame
When Starla Gibson learns of the bet that the sexy stranger across from her is putting forth, to be his darling little slave for the night, she thinks its a joke. Strong and dominant Gibson, has been hurt to much to play anyones subordinate and tells...
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Hot Rio Nights
After a horrible ordeal and lengthy captivity, Illori Swain is resigned to wither her life away in loneliness. Then she meets Karsten Morris, a male unicorn she has been searching for, the other half of her soul. A man of worth and a stallion of b...
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The Soft Edge of Midnight
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Bryn Case is a Dive instructor in on of the most beautiful places on earth at a very exclusive resort. On the evening she meets Kael, a sexy guest at the resort, she thinks she's found her soul mate. Kael on the other hand, a Water elemental dragon, ...
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Deep Water
Goaded into doing a favor for his best friend, Arcady Morrison, Incubus and Hit man, Enters Russia even though he’s got a price on his head to find His Best friend’s only living family, His cousin Alice. Given a pass for safe passage by t...
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Silk and Steel
Alcyone Sterling, succubus and owner of Pinkys XXX has a secret admirer, who is leaving her exotic and rare flowers and jewelry beyond beautiful. She doesn't know who it is, and gets even more curious after a clandestine liaison in her bedroom involv...
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Fire in His Eyes
What would you give for a second chance? Astrid, a witch, has often wondered what would happen if her lover, Fallon, a teleport demon, came back to her. After a year apart it seems fate will bring them together once more, and their relationship is go...
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Sugar and Sin
A short story to be read before Silk and Steel, book two of the Eververse. Prince Dimitri finds love and adoration with a stunning and pixie-ish prostitute he has been watching from afar for a year. Hes been watching, waiting and planning, hoping...
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