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I'm an author of erotic romance and write for adults. Strong sexual content may offend you and if so, my books are not what you're looking for.

My website has several reader participation pages and links for you to find more inforamtion on a variety of things - hop over and check it out. I even have a 'Play Safe' page! Writers, I have an area for you, too, and will be adding more articles and help links there as well. 

My blog has info about me, links to my past interviews and other erotic romance authors I do interviews for. I hope you stop by there often to see what we're up to. Reading erotica keeps our mind stimulated for a better experience with our partners!

My books can be found at Amazon, B & N, iBooks, & Smashwords. I hope you enjoy them enough to go back and leave a rating and review for me. I invite you to visit my website, blog, follow me there and on FB, join my blog hop and email me if you'd like to be posted for an interview.

You can read Chapter 1 of each of my books HERE - thank you for clicking over to read!

I'm also on Pinterest!!

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07/31/2013 Contest
Erotic author interview w/Ellen Dominick: Comment to be in her drawing! End on 8/2/13

08/10/2012 Contest
Bubble Bath Book Tour & Contest: Enter to win at EACH tour stop!

06/11/2012 Contest
Monthly drawings!: Subscribe & Follow!

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06/24/2017 General

 I'm working on book two, New Horizons, of Through His Lens series. I've posted it in My Books so you can take a peek at it. I'm aiming for Oct 1 for a release date, but if I finish early, that date will change. Visit my website and subscribe to my newsletter for more info on releases.

01/23/2015 News

Today is RELEASE DAY for Dreams Do Come True, bk 1 in my lesbian romance series, Through His Lens. Now available at Amazon! I'm also giving away a Kindle FIRE at the end of the virtual tour. Comment at each stop to win more prizes!

01/16/2015 News

Join me along the book tour for my new release of Dreams Do Come True, book 1 in my lesbian romance series, Through His Lens. The Kindle FIRE giveaway begins on Jan 19th and the book releases on Jan 23rd! Click 'join' on the party link so I know you'll be stopping by during the tour!

12/17/2013 Book

Finally! Book 5 in The Boss's Pet series will be available in late Dec! Under Her Command is nearly done and you can pre-order an e-copy so YOU will have it before it hits the online stores!!

For those who love a bit of soft bondage in the bedroom, read an XXX-excerpt HERE!  Then click back to the series to check out the first FOUR books so you can get caught up!

I also have a new western series started, Wild Fillies, and book 1 is on my site for order e-book and PRINT!!

Thank you for reading my news!

09/09/2012 News

Now FREE!!  Bk 1 - The Contract of The Boss's Pet series is now FREE at Amazon and will stay that way! It's creeping its way up the charts and is currently #21 in Contemporary Romance. Don't forget to check out all four bks in the series. Help me get to #1 on all the charts at Amazon! Thank you and pls share my NEWS!

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Videos by Tonya Kinzer
Current Releases
Sandi and Kiera travel to New York City with Daniel to sign new contracts and meet Lady Ciara. She's a movie producer of lesbian films, but Daniel still remembers all too well the encounters he and Lady Ciara had in the past.  Lady Ciara ...
Available Now!
Through His Lens: New Horizons - Book 2
Sandi’s career has taken off as a model and she loves her photographer…just not the way he wished she did. The men of her past abused her one too many times and the one woman in her life is being treated the same way. Can she get Kiera a...
Available Now!
Through His Lens: Dreams Do Come True - Book 1
Sondra learns even more as she delves deeper into the lifestyle she now craves with her boss/partner/master! Her body still betrays her to receive what it must have. She’s learned that her mind allows her to escape pain only to enjoy pleasure t...
Available Now!
The Boss's Pet: Under Her Command - Bk 5
Cassandra's sharp shooting skills surpass even the men who compete and those same skills come in handy when she's presented with the challenge of taking back her father's ranch. She's been gone ten years and knows the men will think s...
Available Now!
Come Tame Me
     She agreed long ago to be a submissive to her Master...partly because it allows her to give up control and do what he tells her. Perhaps then her actions are not her doing although she truly enjoys performing them.  &...
Available Now!
Master's Email
Nick continues to teach Sondra more about the lifestyle they share and the things a submissive needs to to follow rules being one of the most important. Sondra strives to make Nick proud of her as she learns all he shares with her
Available Now!
The Boss's Pet: Their Submissive Switch-Bk 4
Nick Carrington has helped Sondra overcome many of her fears regarding his lifestyle and is glad she has joined him. In time, all of his fantasies will become a reality and with a beautiful woman at the same time. Nick is fully aware that Sondra may ...
Available Now!
The Boss's Pet: Sharing Among Friends, Bk 3
Book 1 in the series:    Comfortable with her life, Sondra wasn't looking to start a new relationship let alone a new lifestyle but Nick presented a challenge to her. The time together at the office spills in to more time away from t...
Available Now!
The Boss's Pet: The Contract - Bk1
Book 2 - Office Training Goes Home: This book contains adult material as well as consenting adult characters. Sondra steps into a world of sensuality that she's not experienced before and finds out she enjoys it! It doesn't hurt that her M...
Available Now!
The Boss's Pet: Office Training Goes Home - Bk 2

A Peek Into the Life of Tonya Kinzer

The Contract - Book One in the series

The Contract - Book One in the series
Office Training - Book Two in the series

Office Training - Book Two in the series
Sharing Among Friends - Book Three in the series

Sharing Among Friends - Book Three in the series
Their Submissive Switch - Book Four in The Boss's Pet series

Their Submissive Switch - Book Four in The Boss's Pet series

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