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Laurel Cremant

1 stubborn programmer + 1 hot alpha boss + 1 sexy concession = HOT HOT HOT negotiations!

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Heidi Lynn Anderson

 You can now pre-order AVA'S PLEASURE on the Silver Publishing website.

Justus Roux

Heidi Lynn Anderson

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Kaylin McFarren

 SEVERED THREADS wins two new writing awards and continues to recieve great reviews on!!

“This sizzling romantic adventure is not only made for the Big Screen, but will have romantic lovers craving for more! This First book in a series is a gem in itself as the author creates a suspenseful love story that's packed with action, genuine characters, and is rich in history. Kaylin McFarren's expertise in traveling the world to exotic places, combined with her interest in treasure seekers, and her fascination with the under-sea world shines through in her unique writing style. "SEVERED THREADS" is as entertaining as THE BODY GUARD, as thrilling as PRESUMED INNOCENT, and as clever as BASIC INSTINCT. Highly recommended to all romantic suspense lovers!” • GERI AHEARNS, Book Reviews

“This book had me hooked from the first page, with the descriptive texts of each individual along with why they want to find the treasure for their own needs but how this is affected by outside factors and their reactions to this, really gets the reader involved.  The writing is first class and very clever and along with the short chapters makes this book very enjoyable and easy to follow, although you may find it very difficult to put down so be warned.” – 5 Birds •  SHARON MARTIN BECK VALLEY BOOKS

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