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Musa Publishing is a royalty-paying, independent digital publisher. Founded in 2011, Musa opened its virtual doors with engaging works of fiction by written USA-Today bestselling authors, previously unpublished talent, and authors of every experience in between.

Musa is a company of industry professionals passionately in love with books and all aspects of the publishing process. We are committed to giving our writers, interns, and staff the knowledge and information they need to successfully negotiate the industry. We teach our authors how to promote themselves online and offline, giving them skills that every author from the Big Six to the tiniest micro-press needs in order to sell their books. With the tremendous sense of community we’ve developed among the authors and staff, writers find that they aren't negotiating the book industry all alone, but as a member of a tight-knit family. 

Our founding philosophy impacts every aspect of the business. We govern ourselves based on education, transparency, and doing the right thing. Our editing process is extensive, our marketing and art departments are responsive and engaged, and our senior staff are passionate about author development. Musa founders and directors have a long view—we love books and respect authors and every decision we make flows from that. In the rapidly changing publishing climate, we pride ourselves on flexibility, innovation, and intentional growth.

We offer authors a database system that is unparalleled in the industry. Authors can track sales in real time, not only to access royalties, but to see how their marketing affects their sales. We expect authors to be committed and involved in their own promotions and we give authors tools that will allow them to tailor their promotions according to a personalized plan based the author, the genre, the book, and many other unique factors, including season and conference attendance, etc. 

Whether you're an author looking for a home for your latest book, or a reader looking for the best fiction without paying an arm and a leg for it, we trust the Musa experience will leave you inspired.

Submission Guidelines

Coming Soon

Haley's Man
Sara Daniel


Mint, Infected
Daniel Ausema


The Crosstown Kid
Richard Weir


Educating Rena
Maggie McCullough


Keepers of Sulbreth
Susan Gourley


Love's Sweet Magic: Devon Falls 1
Raine Delight


Red Hot Magic: Devon Falls 2
Raine Delight


Current Releases

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Her Timeless Obsession
Brita Addams

The Caelimane Operation
Chris Pavesic

The Colour of Love
Pascale Duguay

Sausages, Steam, and the Bad Thing
Rachael Acks

Time Was
Mary S Palmer

Loving the Amnesia Bride
Sara Daniel

The Charm
Jojo Debrazza

Sword of Fate
Richard C. White

Primal Instinct
Helen Hardt

The Lone and Level Sands
Nyki Blatchley

Williver's Mistake
Daniel Ausema

Leigh Goff

Cowboy Lust
Helen Hardt

Eye of the Hawk
LV Barat

Torii A Kojiki Prequel
Keith Yatsuhashi

DeLuca Family
Susan Rae

The Duke's Offer
Felicity Goforth

Earth: The Return
Joanne Hirase

Lady Janshi's Acolyte
Daniel Ausema

Cowboy Heat
Helen Hardt

Colonists Like Us
Fay Lee


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