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At Musa Publishing the story comes first. First, foremost and always Musa Publishing is focused upon the satisfaction of the reader, the growth and success of the writer, and the quality of the product.

Musa began as a dream shared by four publishing industry professionals. Now that the reality is here, Musa has become the home to debut YA novelists and NYT/USA Today bestselling authors,  award-winning books and literary chapbooks, the latest in speculative fiction to the lost treasures of an American science fiction pioneer—and all at reasonable, affordable prices.  So whether you're an author, looking for a home for your latest book, or a reader, looking for the best digital fiction without paying an arm and a leg for it, Musa has something for you.


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Lady Janshi's Acolyte
Daniel Ausema


Cowboy Heat
Helen Hardt


The Crosstown Kid
Richard Weir


Current Releases

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Colonists Like Us
Fay Lee

The Curse at Pirate's Cove
Rita Monette

Diving In
Alice Cross

Yakuza Territory
Milo James Fowler

Thornhill's Dilemma
Brita Addams

Little Ghosts
Mary Borsellino

Supernaturally Yours
Gloria C Bishop

The Demon Trilogy
P.M. Griffin

DEAD Collection
Lizzie T. Leaf

Mage Revealed
CD Coffelt

The Long Search For Home
Ray Wenck

Spire City, Season 1: Epidemic
Daniel Ausema

Blue Suede Boi
Annie Anthony

The Legend of Sarah Latham
Marci Boudreaux

Eric J. Juneau

Sunny Lane

Spire City, Season 1: Contagion
Daniel Ausema

Lady Tilly's Racing Heart
Gloria Burland

Prentice and Desiree
Brita Addams

Fighting Kudzu
Mystic Thompson

The Duke and the Seduction of Fair Felicity
Sunny Lane


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