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Untreed Reads, LLC is a publishing company dedicated to bringing the best new fiction and nonfiction ebooks to readers around the world. Titles are downloadable to computers, mobile devices and dedicated ebook readers, including the iPad, nook and Kindle. You can purchase the titles through Untreed Reads and everywhere ebooks are sold, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

We believe in multi-reading platform support with no DRM.

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Adorney, Thom
Archer, Miles
Arvin, Eric
Banis, Victor J.
Barney, Kara L.
Bates, Jack
Bees, P.A.
Bell, J. David
Bessie, Alvah
Bidwell, Sharon
Black, Tim
Blackwell , Scarlet
Blumhagen, Arlen D
Blythe, Leonora
Bogart, Stephen Humphrey
Bowie, Donald
Brazill, Paul D
Britton, Vickie
Britton, Vickie J.
Brooke, Anne
Bull, Warren
Calcutt, Corie
Chadwick, Frank
Christensen, Jan
Clark, Katherine A
Corbett, Susan
Cozine, Herschel
Cunningham, Kevin J.
Diehl, Lesley A
Dimond, Roy
Divine, L.
Dodge, Gerald L.
Dolan, Liz
Dorr, James S.
Dowell, Trey
Dressler, Mylène
Evans, Robert L
Ewing, Jack
Farrell, Jack
Farrelly, Gail
Floyd, John M.
Francis, Dorothy
Francke, Stewart
Frank, Linda
Frankel, J. S.
Frankham-Allen, Andy
Friedmann, Daniel
Furlong-Bolliger, S.
Gabel, Sofia Diana
Gainey, Robin F.
George, Kaye
Gerard, Kathleen
Glovsky, Jared
Golay, Rayne E.
Goldreich, Gloria
Goldstein, Lee D.
Greever, Jesse S
Grey, Dorien
Gwyn, Paul F
Hansen, Gladys
Hansen, John
Harbour, Tally
Harrington, Jim
Harris, T. Lee
Hartman, J. Alan
Herbert, John
Hooghiemstra, E. Lynn
Howe, Jeffrey
Howland, Whit
Jackson, Penny
Janssen, K. J.
Janssen, Kenneth J
Janz, Jonathan
Jones, Brendan
Kay, Terry
Kidd, Jillian
King, Malachi
Krenshaw, Darby
Kuhn, Steven
Lachs, Lorraine
Layton, Edith
Levin, Jenifer
Levinson, Marilyn
Lewis, Ian
Lindermuth, J R
Luben, Jacquelynn
Lucas, Rebecca Paine
MacRae, Andrew
Majerus, Janet
Mandell, Sarah
Marshall, Devon
Marshall, Brenda K
Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff
Mathison, Beth
Matson, Michael P
McCoy, John Harold
McIlvoy, Kevin
McMahan, Wade
Metzger, Barbara
Miller, Raymond
Morrill, Stephen
Murphy, Pat
Murphy, Sandra
Netto, J.D.
Newell, Jim
O'Garden, Irene
Owings, Alison
Parish-Whittaker, David
Paul, Bert
Peña, Rodolfo
Perlmutter, David K.
Peters, Thomas L.
Peterson, Pete
Plakcy, Neil
Plakcy, Neil S
Qualey, Marsha
Reed, Rick R.
Richardson, Travis
Richter, Virginia Rose
Ricker, Jeffrey
Roberts, Gillian
Sarewitz, Andrew
Sears, Lorraine
Shankman, Sarah
Shaw, June
Shosty, L. Joseph
Simmonds, Lilian
Simon, Marc
Sims, Ruth
Soles, Caro
Sommers, Catriana
Spallone, Jennie G
Springer, Nancy
Staggs, Earl
Stein, Sol
Stephenson, Dan
Stovall, Catherine L
Summers, Poppy
Swan, Alyssa
Tahmaseb, Charity
Tisdale, A. Jeff
Todd, Marilyn
Trobaugh, Augusta
Tucher, Albert
Tyler, Jeremy K
Tyne, Bryl R
Vanore, Jim
Whyte, June E
Wilson, J.T.
Wren, M. K.
Wright, Daniel Lance
Wynne, John Stewart
Zande, Jeff Vande
Zarimba, Lance
Zigomanis, Les

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Current Releases

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Death Among the Mangroves
Stephen Morrill

The Abandoned Bride
Edith Layton

The Sweet Charm of Distance
Jared Glovsky

Never Kill a Cat and Other Stories
Miles Archer

Lord of Dishonor
Edith Layton

The Good Cop (A Dick Hardesty Mystery, #5)
Dorien Grey

Blind Eye (A High Priestess Iliona Ancient Greek Mystery, #1)
Marilyn Todd

Red Jack's Daughter
Edith Layton

A Natural Woman
Donald Bowie

The Lost Torah of Shanghai (A Lily Kovner Mystery, #2)
Linda Frank

A Perfect Gentleman
Barbara Metzger

Mangrove Bayou
Stephen Morrill

Silence and Circumstance
Roy Dimond

Donald Bowie

Donald Bowie

Station Identification
Donald Bowie

Cold Comfort
Kathleen Gerard

Milking the Moon: A Southerner's Story of Life on this Planet
Katherine A Clark

Beneath the Weight of Sadness
Gerald L. Dodge

Three to Die
Vickie J. Britton

Tiva: The Sequel to EYE
Tim Black


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