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Camel Press

Introducing Camel Press:

Your Source for Books Guaranteed to Provide Thrills and Chills of Every Description

Camel Press, a new imprint of Seattle-based Coffeetown Press, is a feisty little publisher with a mission: to be your trusted purveyor of popular literature—the stuff that makes you lie in the sun too long and read in bed until the cock crows (or the urban chickens start clucking) or your neighbor leaves for her 6 am shift. We snap up the good stuff that slips by the big guys, the publishers who are more worried about photogenic authors and the bottom line to care what’s between the pages.

Camel Press is going to transport you out of the desert of boredom into an oasis of imaginary worlds. Onto other planets, into love nests, inside gritty police precincts, adrift in exotic seas. Any place your imagination can take you—the more fantastic, the better.

To authors:

If you have written a book that your friends adore but has been dismissed by agents and publishers, you are welcome here. This is the place to get over the hump(s) and watch your literary star arise in the blue horizon.

We publish romance, mystery/suspense, thrillers, and science fiction ... or any combination thereof. Even if your book is unclassifiable, if it is sensational in every sense, we want to see it.

Submission Guidelines

Coming Soon

Split to Splinters
Max Everhart


The Return of the Fallen Angels Book Club
R. Franklin James


Stealing the Golden Dream
Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens


Designing Hearts
Robin Strachan


The Fraternity of the Soul Eater
Scott A. Lerner


Current Releases

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Side Trip to Kathmandu
Marie Moore

Due for Discard
Sharon St. George

Gosford's daughter
Mary Daheim

Johnnie Come Lately
Kathleen M. Rodgers

Three Dog Day
Lia Farrell

Last Words
Rich Zahradnik

Deadly Shuffle
Norma Lehr

Dead in the Water
Lesley A Diehl

City of Tigers
Leif Chappelle

Two Dogs Lie Sleeping
Lia Farrell

Stealing the Moon & Stars
Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens

Sticks & Stones
R. Franklin James

The Hard Way
Cathi Stoler

The Assassin's Heart
J.A. Kazimer

One Dog Too Many
Lia Farrell

The Spy's Little Zonbi
Cole Alpaugh

Keeping Secrets
Cathi Stoler

A Secondhand Murder
Lesley A Diehl

Maddie's Choice
Joyce Zeller

Murder by Syllabub
Kathleen Delaney

Murdock Tackles Taos
Robert J. Ray


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