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Books We Love authors write quality books loved by readers of Romance, Mystery, Fantasy, Young Adult, Vampires, Werewolves, Cops, Lovers, Spice ~ we have something for everyone.  All of our single title ebooks are priced at $2.99 or less.  Visit to check out our newest releases. We offer free specials and sale prices every day, check us out on Amazon here.
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Crying is for Babies
Tricia McGill


Current Releases

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Powerful Destiny
Tricia McGill

Vijaya Schartz

Voted Out
J.S. Marlo

Laurel's Gift
Tricia McGill

Tricia McGill

A Call Through Time
Tricia McGill

Thunderbird's Wake
Frank Talaber

ANGEL OF LUSIGNAN - Curse of the Lost Isle Book 8
Vijaya Schartz

And Then He Was Gone
Joan Hall Hovey

Kate's Dilemma (Challenge the Heart Book 3)
Tricia McGill

My Bad Boy Summer
Ann Herrick

Damsel of the Hawk
Vijaya Schartz

A Heart in Conflict--Challenge the Heart Book 2
Tricia McGill

Someone Like Him
Ann Herrick

Star Light, Star Bright
Sydell Voeller

When Fate Decides
Tricia McGill

Amid the Stars
Tricia McGill

The Next Great Rock Star!
Ann Herrick

Loving That Cowboy
Victoria Chatham

A Heart Enslaved
A. M. Westerling

Lost in His Eyes
Ginger Simpson


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Books We Love is an Electronic Book Publisher.  We offer top quality books in multiple genres.  Visit and click our contest link to enter to win one of our ongoing contests where you can win Kindles, prize baskets, spa retreats, books and more. Join our Blog and get to know more than forty fabulous authors.  


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