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For Review Companies

Q: What is the Review Depot?
A: The Review Depot is a service for review companies that automates many of the manual tasks they face on a regular basis. It helps them manage their review requests, reviewers, and completed reviews and saves administrators hours of time that would normally be spent on manual processes.

Q: How do review companies join the Review Depot?
A: Review companies that are interested in joining the Review Depot can submit this form for consideration.

Website address:
Number of active reviewers:
Average number of reviews completed per month:
How long has your company been reviewing books:
Your first and last name:
Your email address:
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Q: How does the Review Depot work?
A: When review companies join the Review Depot they instantly have access to the latest technology to manage their company. Their reviewers check out books and complete reviews through the service which automates the entire review process. The review company administrators add a tag line and external link to each review and the tag line is posted to the Manic Readers website with the external link that directs readers back to the review company's website for the full review.

Q: How secure is the Review Depot?
A: The books uploaded to the Review Depot are stored in a secure area with limited access only by authorized personnel. The Review Depot also emails the book to the reviewer so there is no need to keep multiple copies of the book. Once a book is checked out by a reviewer, it is no longer available to other reviewers from that review company. This ensures only one person at each review company has access to the book.

Q: Will my full review show on the Manic Readers website?
A: No, completed reviews have a tag line, star rating, and a link back to your website for the full review.

Q: Will other members of the Review Depot see my books/reviewers/review requests?
A: No, each review company has their own section in the Review Depot which keeps each company's information separate from the others.

Q: How do review requests get added to the Review Depot?
A: Authors and Publishers can add review requests to the Review Depot and select which review companies they would like the request to be routed to. Review company administrators can also add books to their section of the Review Depot for their reviewers.

Q: How do my reviewers get notified of review requests?
A: Each day an email is sent to all of your reviewers showing all review requests that have been loaded in the past 24 hours.

Q: What genres are available in the Review Depot?
A: The Manic Readers website receives review requests for many different genres. You can look at our books page to get an idea of the different genres available within the Review Depot.

Q: How much does it cost to join the Review Depot?
A: The Review Depot is free for qualified review companies.

Q: What are some of the benefits I can expect by using the Review Depot for my review company?
A: The Review Depot provides many benefits for review companies including:
  1. A significant time savings for company owners, editors, review coordinators, and reviewers
  2. Automated notifications to reviewers showing recently added review requests
  3. Automated notifications to authors and publishers when reviews are completed
  4. Exposure to thousands of authors and publishers
  5. Many books and genres to choose from
  6. Reviewer management - Add, edit, and remove reviewers. Limit the number of books that can be checked out at a time. Quickly see the books checked out by each reviewer and how long they have been checked out
  7. Reports to see the books available to your reviews and which books have been checked out

For Authors and Publishers

Q: What is the Review Depot?
A: The Review Depot is a free service for authors and publishers that allows them to submit one review request that can be routed to one or all of the review companies that are part of the Review Depot. The Review Depot also shows excerpts and star ratings for all of the reviewed books. If your book has been reviewed by multiple review depot members, you will see each of their ratings on the book's review page.

Q: How do I start using the Review Depot?
A: If you are a registered author or publisher you can start using the Review Depot now by navigating to your "Manage My Books" page. If you are new to Manic Readers please register as an author or publisher to gain access to the Review Depot service.

Q: Who has access to my review requests?
A: Only the review companies you select will be notified and have access to your request.

Q: Who has access to the books I upload?
A: Only one reviewer per review company will have access to your book. For example, if you select three review companies to review your book, only one reviewer from each company will receive the book if it is selected for review. Publishers can request reviews without uploading the book file. Once a reviewer selects a book to review, the publisher will be notified and can then send the file to the reviewer.

Q: What security measures are in place to safeguard my books?
A: The Review Depot has the following safeguards in place to protect your books:
  1. The Review Depot is running on a dedicated server so only authorized Manic Readers personnel have access to uploaded files.
  2. By default each reviewer has a limit of three books that can be checked out at one time. This helps prevent imposters who join review companies to gain access to a large number of books.
  3. Audit logs track who uploads and receives the books within the Review Depot. These audit logs also track the individual IP addresses where the books are sent.
Q: How do I submit requests to the Review Depot?
A: Log into Manic Readers and navigate to your "Manage My Books" page. You will now see a link to the far right of your book's cover image where you can request a review or check on the review status.

Q: When will my book get reviewed?
A. The Review Depot receives many requests every day and therefore we cannot guarantee every book will be reviewed. However, by using the Review Depot you will be able to make your book available to many review companies which can increase the chance of a review.

Q: How do I know if my book has been chosen for review?
A: You can check the status of your review request from your Manage My Books page on Manic Readers. There are six possible review statuses:
  • Request a Review - For books that have not been previously requested
  • Available to Reviewers - The book is currently available for a reviewer to select
  • Checked Out - The book has been checked out by a reviewer
  • Submitted for Editing - The book has been reviewed and is awaiting the editing process
  • Completed - The review is live on the site
  • Not Available - This status could display for various reasons, but two of the most common are:
    1. The review request was deleted by the review company.
    2. A reviewer checked out the book but for an unspecified reason did not complete the review.
Q: What are some of the benefits I can expect by using the Review Depot?
A: The Review Depot provides many benefits to authors and publishers including:
  • Submit one review request to multiple review companies
  • Automated email notifications when your review is posted to the website
  • Books reviewed through the review depot show on the Manic Readers website with star ratings from each of the companies that reviewed the book
  • Easily track the status of your review requests through your administrative control panel
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