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First Steps
by Sean Michael

Release Date: 02/10/07
Genre: GLBT
Pages: 105
Publisher: Torquere Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9781934166734 4.99
Author Page: Sean Michael
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Abandoned by his partner in the wilds of Alaska, Peter is pretty much at the end of his rope. He has a cabin falling down around his ears, two young babies to care for, and too much alone time to think about his situation. It's enough to make a man rethink wanting to be a dad.

Park Ranger Chad thinks Peter could use some help, especially when fire and weather warnings make him wonder if Peter's little cabin is going to make it through the year. When he takes Peter and the babies in, he finds out that the attraction the two of them felt on their first meeting has the potential to be a lot more. Can he convince Peter that they can do more than keep each other warm?

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