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His Royal Princess
by Debra Kayn
Release Date: 05/27/11
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 143
Format ISBN Price
Author Page: Debra Kayn

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All Princess Celina wants is to stay on her beloved island of Antaka, marry a man of her culture, and make her papa proud. So when Prince Joqua ships her off to America, Celina believes she's being punished. While she's not prepared for the wild ways of the Americans, no one is more surprised than she when she finds herself falling for a California hottie...

Drake Randall looks forward to a vacation from work, especially if it means showing the princess how people their age have fun. But when Celina strips off all her clothes and announces she's trained in Kama Sutra, he's left with an even bigger problem than wanting to make love to the princess.

Drake's holding on to a secret that could not only ruin his chances with Celina, but could ultimately destroy her. 

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