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White Shadows
by Susan Edwards

Release Date: 11/21/11
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 286
Publisher: Carina Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-14268-9267 4.99
Author Page: Susan Edwards
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Missouri Territory, 1838

Night Shadow is driven by the need for vengeance, to find

and punish the man who murdered his family and kidnapped

his sister. And what better way to exact that revenge than by

stealing his enemy's intended bride on their wedding day: a

woman for a woman. He will release his captive if and when

his sister is returned to him.

The daughter of a great chief and no meek maiden, Winona

fights her captor every step of the way. But she cannot deny

that the warrior's touch arouses something in her that her

betrothed never has. She sees through the anger in Night

Shadow's eyes to the despair within, and knows in her heart

it is her destiny to help him learn to live again.

Night Shadow is mesmerized by Winona's beauty and spirit,

and soon realizes he must face his past and end the hatred in

order to offer her a future.

Book 3 of 12

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