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A Christmas in Boston
by jane colt

Release Date: 11/01/11
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self Published
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Author Page: jane colt
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Veronica DeVitt heads to Boston for a job interview that she hopes will bring her home to Massachusetts. But it seems that Fate (or maybe her best friend Amy?) is putting Veronica’s schoolgirl crush—Professor Hugh MacDougall—squarely in her path. Thanks to some accidental voyeurism she shared with MacDougall six Christmases ago, her teacher has been starring in Veronica’s fantasies. Will this become reality?

Follow Veronica as she gets the professional opportunity of a lifetime, discovers some secrets about MacDougall, joins her ex-prof in Boston’s Speedo Santa Run (in which everyone wears bathing suits), warms up with him afterwards in the shower, and has a pulsating time at the Pops Christmas concert.

What’s that beside Veronica’s name on Santa’s list? “Nice”? Let’s hope not!

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