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Fire and Ice
by Shannon West

Release Date: 01/26/12
Genre: GLBT Fantasy
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Format ISBN Price
PDF 4.99
Author Page: Shannon West
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 Jory, a handsome young Danish slave, given as a blood sacrifice to a monster who has been ravaging the kingdom, finds himself alone and terrified waiting for certain death to find him. Instead, he is taken up by the “beast” and carried to a secluded cave where he discovers his resucer is not a monster, but a beautiful Light Elf, named Brandr, who gives Jory a night of incredible passion locked in his arms. Together they set out on a dangerous quest to save Brandr’s life, meeting along the way a handsome Saxon warrior who develops an unquenchable passion for them both.  They form a triad to save Brandr, and join in their quest for revenge.  Soon the three men find that vengeance is a doubled edged sword that will threaten all their lives.

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