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Cross Fire
by Cyndi Friberg

Release Date: 12/30/11
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 258
Publisher: Amazon Kindle
Format ISBN Price
Print 978-0-9848798-7-8 11.95
E-Book 978-0-9848798-6-1 4.99
Author Page: Cyndi Friberg
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Determined to recover a priceless journal, Dro Tar pursues Evan to Las Vegas. Evan insists he took the journal to protect it from the real thieves. Dro Tar isn’t sure what to believe. Her heart has yet to recover from the last time she tangled with Evan. She wanted him then and she wants him now, but what’s his true motivation?

Drakkin promised he would protect Aria and help her reach her Mystic potential. He is shocked by her resistance and the passion she ignites in him. He is honor bound to keep his vow, with or without her cooperation. Aria has finally found a life of her own in Las Vegas. Despite the attraction smoldering between them, she wants nothing to do with the arrogant Bilarrian. No one will ever control her again, not even the charismatic stranger who sends her senses reeling every time they touch.
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