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Learning Trust
by Donna Steele
Release Date: 06/17/12
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Rebel Ink Press
Format ISBN Price
Kindle B008C2MMAO 4.99
EPUB RIP0007101 4.99
E-Book 2940014728652 4.99
Author Page: Donna Steele
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Waking from a tragic shooting, Becca realizes her gift is gone - she's no longer psychic.  Retreating to heal both physically and emotionally, Becca meets Mitch, a good old boy with a protective streak.
Learning to get to know someone without her special insights is different but she's still drawn to Mitch.  And he seems to return the favor.
Then a monster she had helped uncover years ago returns to seek revenge.  Without her powers, can she save Mitch or herself from the madman?
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