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Gettin' Pumped
by Shannon West

Release Date: 08/04/12
Genre: GLBT
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
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PDF .99
Author Page: Shannon West
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Mason has allowed himself to get a bit overweight, and hates the way he looks.  He decides to diet, and join a gym.  Right away he decides maybe he’s made the wrong decision.  The workouts are hard, and the pizzas and ice cream he’s missing out on are calling to him.  Then he meets Logan, the gym owner and a handsome, muscular man who tells Mason he’ll take him on as his personal trainer. The first day is so rough on Mason he almost decides to quit, until he sees Logan beside him in the shower, putting on a show for his benefit.  When Logan drags himself back for another day, Logan takes him downstairs to his “special” workout room.  Logan has a surprise for Mason, as he takes Mason in hand and directs him in a little personal training.

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