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The Siren's Call
by Donna McDonald

Release Date: 06/30/12
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Self Published
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PDF 3.99
Kindle 3.99
EPUB 3.99
Author Page: Donna McDonald
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With her Siren mate and his mother captured by black market slave traders, Commander Gwen Jet is willing to do anything it takes to get them back, even if it means suffering through meditation and having more visions of herself as a slave. Being a trained warrior, Gwen doubts that using intuition can guide her to more answers than her stunner against Zade’s captor’s throats could. But she ends up using her energy gifts to locate the Sirens after all.

Once found though, Gwen's problems only escalate because the drugged and tortured Zade she rescues doesn’t seem to remember her. Plus the drugs have turned him into a more aggressive version of himself. If it weren’t for the mating cord she accepted and the Khalsa tricks Ania taught her, her out of control Siren mate would just as soon kill her than trust her now that he’s escaped his cage. While she can’t help be a little angry that she suffered four days of torture in answering the Siren’s call for a male who evidently now no longer knows her, their mating cord also may be the only connection between them that remains of their bond. Because of the cord Dorian Zade desires her as much as he did in the beginning, before the Lotharians stripped his energy from her, but Gwen wonders which version of Zade is the one that wants her. What will happen when his memories return?

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